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Jiggle at twenty past midnight!

.:*The Application*:.

First and Middle name: Laura (dont have a middle name sadly but if i had one I'm sure it would be annoying!)
</b>Age & Birthday: 16 - 22nd December
Location: Shitsvilley town in Nottinghamshire UK
Nicknames: My mum calls me *cringes* cherry bee hunny bun! And my mates call me 'Loz the prozz'
Ethnicity: British White
Sexuality: Only men over 30 who no other girl in their right mind would go for!

Color: Hmmm.... Blue! I love the colour of my eyes!
Bands/Singers: I am an R'n'B girl! Beyonce, toni braxton, Aaliyah, Alicia Keys!
Movies: Cant wait to see Prisoner of Azkaban but it cxant technically be my favourite movie seeing as I aint seen it yet! So Erin Brokavich and Cayote Ugly!
Books: Harry Potter! Also 'His Dark Materials' is amazing!
Actor/Actresses: Julia Roberts... shes in all my favourites!
TV Shows: Charmed! I love Cole when hes the sourse (sooo sexy!) and Piper and Leo are real sweet!
Feature on a guy/girl: Has to be ginger! Hahaha! And wear lycra shorts amd loves burping loudly after meals! (im not kidding ya!)

VIEWS ON (explain)
Gay Marriage: I KNOW from experience that you can't help who you fall in love with. And im sure some poor people really try and force themsleves to be straight when they arent. So why should gay people be deprived of marriage? It's supposed to be an outward sign of your inward most powerful emotion towards someone. By denying gay people the opportunity of marriage; surely that means they're emotions are not considered as 'real'? It is stupid! As soon as its allowed it will become even more open and acceptable to be gay, which will hopefully stop some of the prejudice! I am definitly for it! Stuff the Catholic church! haha
Abortion: I am against abortion despite anybodys circumstance! I believe that if teenagers dont want to be pregant then they shouldnt have sex! Surely if your responsible to have sex your responsible to live with the concequence? I actually stood up infront of 30-odd people who believed abortion was acceptable and said this - id never been so on the spot in my life!
Politics: Not really a politcs person! They all seem a loada old maniacs!
Drinking/Smoking/Drugs: Well my mum smokes, my dads given up and so has the rest of my family! I hope I dont end up smoking - i think i will do once ive left home! My parents drink alot aswell! Theyre behaviour never changes which is a good thing but they drink like its a necessaty! i certainly dont want that reliability on something! I think people do very stupid things when pissed or stoned - things that look great at the time however! Haha no im a boring responsible person!
Religion: I'm technically a Catholic but stopped going to church about 6 years ago! I dont think im an athiest just yet, im taking theology in a-level to find out! I'd hate to say I have no faith, but i dont think its good to just believe in one solely! Afterall there are many different religions - they may all just be different interpretations or they may all be wrong! Who knows?

Hobbies/Talents?: Creative writing, reading, song writing, revising for exams (yes it has now become almost like a hobbie!), web designing! being a bitch, annoying my parents!
Who is your role model and why?: I've been totally smitten with a guy for two years and he's taught me a hell of alot about life and meaning! He's been a huge influence to me, my views and attitudes etc. I'd hate to be alt like him though hahaha! Since i was little ive always admired Madonna aswell... i think every blonde girl does!
Single?: Forever and ever Amen!
What is one word to describe you and why?: Verfrumdungseffeckt! Don't ask its german and it was the cookiest thing i could think of! It has no relevance to anything, a bit like me!
What makes you unique?: My strange taste in men! People from school just come up to me and go, 'Do you really fancy such n such?' and i wont even know them or seen em! Also i mustv been the most unpopular girl in my school at one point - i was bullied nearlly everyday and i came through it all. So I guess tahts summet taht makes me unique within my small little life!
Describe your style: Style? Well I write my a's with the flick at the top and i write little circles instead of dots on top of my i's! haha! I'm just me - I hate stereotypes!
What is one lyric/quote to describe you?(explain if necessary and tell who said/sung it): 'I am human and I need to be loved! Just like everybody else does!' Doncha just love charmed? I would watch charmed just to listen to that song cos i think its amazing! Also that little lyric sums up my emotions right now cos my best mates just got a new boyfriend and so I'm feeling like a real gooseberry!
What is your best feature/quailty? Worst?: Best - my sense of humour when I'm in a good mood and relaxed! Worst = my insecuraties about my looks, i hate how i look! Probably due to having just about every inch of my body ridiculed (ive had people slag off my ankles before!) I wont be scared of rejection in this - because if people say I'm ugly I'll just agree!
Why are you xo_perfection material?: I'm not perfect! Only Sophie (my mate) is that! hahaha! I'll be a friendly club member who will judge people for their inner-self!

This is me tonight - my hairs wild and you can tell im sleeeepy! Sorry it isnt perfect; i had to take it quick!

This is me on christmas day (or it might be my birthday)

Me agen!

My face is all blurred on this but my digital camera is on its last legs! Anyway dya like the dress? i bought it yesterday!

Just to prove my face isnt as bad as the last one - this is me when i dyed my hair red!

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