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First and Middle name: Tara Lynn
Age & Birthday:14, June 25th
Location: Ohio
Nicknames: "T" , Butthole (long story lol) Beaver, Tera, Lil Haskell, Triple H
Ethnicity: White
Sexuality: straight

Color: Pink
Bands/Singers: USHER :), Jessica Simpson, Jojo, And Juvenille
Movies: THE NOTEBOOK <3 <3  Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Ring, Scary Movie 3, And Anchor Man.
Books: I Dont Like Reading.. :-/
Actor/Actresses: Brad Pitt mmm, And Rachel McAdams
TV Shows: Boiling Points, Room Raiders, The Real World.
Feature on a guy/girl: Muscles :)

VIEWS ON (explain)
Gay Marriage: If your truley in love, no one should stop you from marrying the one you love, its none of their business.
Abortion: If your young and you still need to finish school every girl would want to get an abortion, but i think its wrong.. its your fault for having sex in the first place that got you pregnant so you should have to face the consequences in having the baby for the rest of your life. Unless if you put it up for adoption :-/  .. If you were to be raped, then i would understand, but still your killing something that will one day have a life of it's own.. :-/ just think about that...
Politics: i truley dont care.
Drinking/Smoking/Drugs: It can Be fun, till you have to much. And it can get you into a lot of trouble. You can have fun without dru'g and alchohol being involved.
Religion: im not really that religious. so its not a big deal to me. everyone has there own opinions on god, so let them speak there opinions in there own religion!

Hobbies/Talents?: gymnastics, tennis, swimming, running, volleyball.
Who is your role model and why?: Tyra Banks- I want to be a model when im older, and shes so fricken beautiful. Also Jennifer Anniston- i want to have a show like she was in "Friends" It would be so much fun and shes gorgeous. :)
Single?: Yep :-/ just broke up with Seth.. :'(
What is one word to describe you and why?: Crazy, I bring fun into every situation. I try to make people happy when there sad and i just run around doing whatever because i dont care if people look at me weird or dont like me.. :)
What makes you unique?: i do whatever i want even if people dont like me for it.
Describe your style: i like wearing whatever looks cute on me and at the same time comfortable.
What is one lyric/quote to describe you?(explain if necessary and tell who said/sung it): With you i can let my hair down, i can say anything crazy i know you'll catch before i hit the ground, nothing but a t-shirt i never felt so beautiful now that im with you.. Jessica Simpson With you.  When Im with Seth i feel beautiful no matter what i look like..
What is your best feature/quailty?Worst?: Stomach, and worst Teeth.
Why are you xo_perfection material?: i act like myself and i dont try to be someone im not.

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Me And My Little Sister Kelsey <3


Me <3




Me And Seth At Graduation <3 :'(


Me And Meg At Graduation. <3


Me in The Bottom Middle <3

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