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Jiggle if u like my application my jiggle friends!

First and Middle name:Chelsea Nicole
Age & Birthday:15 16 in two days (april 8th 2004!!!) Happy b-day Jen!
Location:Florence, Arizona (it's jsut small little dot on the map....)
Nicknames:Celey, sheba, chelleybelly...hmm other stuff that people have called me through out the years....
Ethnicity:I be all
Sexuality:Im a Female! That is completly straight!

Color: I like blue....but Im more of a rainbow type of a person, ya know?
Bands/Singers:I like Bow I like Tyress, Maroon 5, Linkin Park, I like Alan Jackson, Reba, Leanne Rhimes, Janet Jackson, some Michael Jackson, SPM, yellowcard, adema, cypres hill, snoop, xzibit, ice cube...I like all kinds as if you couldnt notice!
Romeo and juliet, Catch Me if u can, a beautiful mind, american history X, big mamas house, stepmom, run away bride, sister act 1 and 2, I like disney movies....I love to watch movies...PASSION OF THE CHRIST!!!!
Books:SPEAK! that would have to be the best book I ever read, and I read it in umm 8th grade...I love it! I wish I had a copy of it but this girl in my class borrwed and NEVER gave back!
Actor/Actresses:Leo, Ben, Jen, Claire dane, sean conery, nicholas cage, ethan hawk, collin farel (spelled wrong...) richard gere, julia roberts, Kate winslet...I like a lot of them too haha
TV Shows:that 70 shows, vival la bam, jack ass, punk'd, one tree hill,'s alright...umm gilmore girls, 7th heaven...LOL I LOVE THE WB!!!
Feature on a guy/girl:

VIEWS ON (explain)
Gay Marriage:If you love that person, then you should be with them if you think that you could be with just that ONE person for the rest of your life...I have tons of gay friends...they are the best ones I have ever had...Screw Bush to say you can marry another man/women...and whats up with guys thinking it's alright for girls to be gay. but not the guys? Whats the dif? a HOLE??? Hmm!
Abortion:Pro-Choice...But it shouldnt be used as birth control, I think there should be regulations and stuff on the reason needs to be a good one...Abortions are kind of cheap you know that? Like $500.00 I looked into in once for a project of mine...They have pros and cons!
Politics:I like to talk abou I like the scandols too (spelling I know im starving and sort of rushing too) I use to want to be a lawyer...I actually use to be all up into politics too, but I sort of dropped it, once you get people started, it's way to hard to stop 'em!

Drinking/Smoking/Drugs:DONT SMOKE! HOW DUMB?! Death/sucide...point blank! DRUGS WAY DUMB...and no drinking and driving dont let friends drive even if they had a sip to also should be old enough to drink...I should practice what I preach huh?
Religion:Im a catholic that goes to a christian church...I just get more out of the christian church I feel better there in some cases...but I also wont change my religion because it is my mom and dads wishes for me to be a catholic and when I turn 18 its my own choice...

Hobbies/Talents?:Umm I can sing...I can dance, I like to be on T.v. I can read well...Im an active person....
Who is your role model and why?:I honestly dont have one...I more independent to have one...I rather be myself the try to be some one who isnt....I rather not be influneced, because even the perfected people arent perfect...

Single?:nope I have been dating my sexy boyfriend for a year and some odd days well we started going on March 27th 2003..DAVID IS SO SEXY LOL!
What is one word to describe you and why?:Quirky...b/c Im sucha dork, Im spunky and a live im a new age girl I suppose you could say...I cant sum my self into one...sorry lol that just isnt going to work for me haha!
What makes you unique?:I'm myself...thats unique b/c nobody is exactly like me, have the same eyes, hair, FINGER PRINTS, body or anything of that I think that is pretty unique...unless there was some crazy person who wanted to be EXACTLY like me, but why, it's more fun to be yourself!

Describe your style:I'm punky prep lol, does that even make sense?
What is one lyric/quote to describe you?(explain if necessary and tell who said/sung it):Umm well theres this whole song by Bow.Wow called "My Baby" descirbes the way my boyfriend and I fight, and how exactly I am....I'll later post it if you want...
What is your best feature/quailty?Worst?:I have awesome skin! its soft and perdy! Worse I think Im to tall I'm 5'7! I dont know I just think Im to tall, maybe its me...
Why are you xo_perfection material?:b/c Im CHELSEA!? I'm myself, I do great in communties like gorgeousgirls (JEN KNOWS ALL ABOUT IT!)
Anything else?:Im a bad speller today! Also If you go to gorgeousgirls Im pretty good and active in there I am a great promoter and I have a few friends I can have join off the bat...

**Post Pics Here**
I just have this one for right now...Im soon to have more though I just ned to get to Wal*Mart(wally world is awesome SUPERCENTER) lol for a person who was sick with no make up I think I look pretty good haha! lol, this is as close to a body shot I have, My freind messed my camera up bit trying to only make the flash go by hitting or something, and it made EVERYTHING look so crazy!<img src=>lol im the one with the Independent Sweater and Blue jeans on haha....

<img src=>


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