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Jiggle Your Way Over Here...

.:*The Application*:.

First and Middle name: Amira Mohy-Eldin (ya kno those Egyptian names ;-) lol
Age & Birthday: 15 July 31, 1988
Location: in my lovely house in Virginia
Nicknames: A.Mo, Amira Momeen, Mira, Amira Amoeba, Amira Mo
Ethnicity: African American (last time i checked, Egypt was in Africa :-D! )
Sexuality: Straight

Color:Silver Blue Pink and Black
Bands/Singers:Linkin Park, Evanescense, Blink 182, Box Car Racer, Christina Augilera, Britanny Spears, Outkast, Ludacris, Yellowcard, Lostprophets
Movies:Finding Nemo, Moulin Rouge, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Amadeus, Chicago, The Cat in the Hat, and i think thats enough for now!
Books: Rebecca, My Cousin Rachel, A Child Called 'It', Ella Enchanted, The Giver, Frenchman's Creek
Actor/Actresses: Ewan McGregor, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Renee Zellweger, Sean Connary, Denzel Washington
TV Shows: The Simpsons, 7th Heaven, Saturday Night Live, Whose Line is it Anyways
Feature on a guy/girl: Their eyez, hair (hehe), and above all things, Personality

VIEWS ON (explain)
Gay Marriage: Love is love, no matter what form it comes in, and one of my friends made a good point the other day, what if the world was gay, and u were straight? think about it (now im not saying lets all become gay, lol, but lets just leave them be) All you need it love!
Abortion: I don't think it should be allowed because the way i
see it, it's just another form of murder. now i can understand how
people might want to do it, because if the baby is not going to be
loved in the world, why do it right? but there is always the option of
putting the baby up for adoption. Also, if you didn't want a baby to begin with
you should have thought about that first before you started messing
around, so maybe next time they should use protection.
Politics: this is only fun to argue about...other
than that, it's a headache in a box! For example, Bush and the whole Iraqi war thing, even though the majority of Americans said no to the war, he did it anyways---yea that's smart! Now the rest of the world thinks that the American Society are the real terrorists (and I know this because I have Arabic/French/and Hebrew new satellite does the mind wonders)
Drinking/Smoking/Drugs:o boy..well, drugs--i don't kno..there are kind of mest
up. i think people just resort to them as an excuse for their messed up
life, but really, your making your life even more worse by taking
drugs! why don't you spend more time on fixing the problems than trying
to overcome them with drugs. generally i think it's pathetic and sad.
Religion: this is a really big topic that i am really sensitive
about. i don't think it is right to judge someone just by their
religion so step back and leave the Muslims and Jews alone. i am religious
myself, but i am very open to people of other faiths. I've been to synagouges,
I've been to churches, I've been to big deal people, we
are all human and we should all get along despite our faiths. Also,
religion gives a relaxing feeling to the soul, just knowing that God
will always be there even when people are not.

Hobbies/Talents?: Piano, Theatre, Piano :-D, Sing, Dance, Playing piano with my toes lol....
Who is your role model and why?: if there has ever been a role model in my life, it has got to by my mommy! she is the most awesome person in the world, and she is my best friend. she inspires me to be who i am, and is the true supporter of my acting and piano. i always go to her when i need to make decissions, and to this day, i have never regreted anything i did, that she influenced! and if you don't like that my mom is my hero, deal.
Single?: yes but i got my eye on someone special ;-)
What is one word to describe you and why?: one word to describe me is TRUSTWORTHY because all my friends know that if they every need a shoulder to cry on, or even laugh on..i have two shoulders that will always be there. And, I won't go around telling people shit, and if someone tells me to keep it confidential, i will do it, even if there is a gun to my head (which has happened before)..I stay true to my heart.
What makes you unique?: I think the one thing that makes me unique is my sense of humor because I am able to brighten anyones day, including my own. Also, it is a great way to break the ice at a
party, or even just any awkward moment. It gives comfort to all those around me, and I am able to "shed a light", as my friends say, to the world.
Describe your style: my style is me...if I like it, I wear it. I don't try to be like someone I'm not.
What is one lyric/quote to describe you?(explain if necessary and tell who said/sung it): Come what may, I will love you, until my dying day" (Ewan McGregor, Moulin Rouge) now I know what most of you are thinking, but aside from Moulin Rouge and Ewan being the best things ever, this lyric actually does describe me. There is shit in life, and people mess up, but even though some people fail you or decieve you, I will always be there. And to tell the truth, that hurts more because I give love for nothing, and that will eventually make people feel guilty. Lol its like a mafia, u stick with it until the big cheese dies---haha and then a new big cheese enters...
What is your best feature/quailty?Worst?: I think my best quality is my personality because it is soooooo flexable and is sooooo inviting, that everyone just loves me (so they say...hehe). My worst quality would have to be that I can get a little bit annoying sometimes when I get hyper/high off of life 0:-D
Why are you xo_perfection material?: I believe that I should be accepted to xo_perfection because of my ambition, my personality, and my morals..i can truly bring something different and new to this community.
Anything else?: I saw your (the mod) applications like everywhere and it truly inspired me, so I looked you up, and there it was! your own community! So I just had to join, and hopefully I'll get accepted because I can really work hard to promote this community! Thanks for your time...

I wanted to give ya a close up look at my Egyptian eyez

Yea, it was 2 AM and I was tired....heh

the most recent piano shot I have of me

I decided to do the whole Egyptian thing last homecoming...who said you have to be half-naked to look stunning?
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