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First and Middle name: Charlotte Amy-Rose
Age & Birthday: 17, 11/17/86
Location: England
Nicknames: Char, Charly, Gothic Barbie, etc
Ethnicity: White - British
Sexuality: Bisexual

Color: black/pink/purple
Bands/Singers: umm.. Xtina Aguilera, Da Brat, Destinys Child, Evanescence, TLC, Lemar, Mariah Carey, Ja Rule, Ashanti, Christina Milian, Blaque, etc.
Movies: Honey/Cruel Intentions/Save the last dance
Books: The secret circle trilogy - Lj smith/"wicca" series - Cate Tirenan
Actor/Actresses: Jlo
TV Shows: Mtv - Dismissed, wade robson project, newlyweds, til death do us part.. oh and pop idol!!
Feature on a guy/girl: eyes/smile

VIEWS ON (explain)
Gay Marriage: I'm all 4 it, being in a "gay" relationship myself!
Abortion: Every situation is different.. In general I am for it.. people should have the choice
Politics: Dont pay much attention to them.. bush and blair = stupid though.
Drinking/Smoking/Drugs:Drink = yeah when im out.. smoke = no, drugs = cant say i ever have.. !
Religion: I'm pagan.. I am for religion, each to their own.. I am against how it just causes war.upset though.

Hobbies/Talents?: Hmm.. performing arts!!!
Who is your role model and why?: Christina aguilera, cause she is just herself and doesnt care what people think.
Single?: Nope!
What is one word to describe you and why?: Crazy - Cus I just am!!! hehe
What makes you unique?: I just am.. I am like a semi gothic hip hop fan, who can hang out with any "crowd" and fit in/get along with anyone!
Describe your style:it depends.. sometimes total hip hop chick, others i look semi gothic with my long black hair and piercings..
quote to describe you?(explain if necessary and tell who said/sung it): "my ass is like.. woah" - Mya :-p
What is your best feature/quailty?Worst?: Friendly/laid back - worst = can be bitchy if u get me on an off day..
Why are you xo_perfection material?: I dunno.. am I?!
Anything else?:Nope..

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