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i wanna be perfect <3

First and Middle name:
   Tara Lynn
Age & Birthday:                13, June 25th
Location:                            Perrysburg, Ohio
Nicknames:                       Tara Lynn, Tera, Tarta, Lil Haskell, Belly Button, Beaver
Ethnicity:                           White
Sexuality:                          Im Straight.

                               Pink <3
Bands/Singers:                Usher, B.lack E.yed P.eas, Christina Aguilara, Jessica Simpson,                                               Outkast

Movies:                                    Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Scary movie 3, Honey
Books:                                       i dont like reading very much, but i like chicken soup.. :D
TV Shows:
                               7th Heaven, MtV, Sister Sister, The O.C
Feature on a guy/girl:            Muscles :D

VIEWS ON (explain)
Gay Marriage:
                         God made women to like men and men to like women.  But                                                                         you cant fight love.
Abortion:                                 Its your own fault for getting pregnant, so you shouldnt be able to kill a fetus which would grow up to be a person some day because of your mistakes. But if you were raped, thats a different story. I could go on and on about this. <3
Politics:                                        i dont kno, im not really into politics. sorry. <3
Drinking/Smoking/Drugs:       all they do is ruin your life. I really dont understand why people take drugs or drink. I mean once in a while to have fun. But then, you can get addicted and it could get serious. So, i really think teenagers should avoid it. exspecially if you have to drive home and you have had a couple drinks. you are dangering yourself and other drivers..
Religion:                                   freedom of opinion. everyone should be able to have their own view on religion. no one should tell anyone what to belive.

                Gymnastics, drawing, and soccer.
Who is your role model and why?:      i like to try and be myself and not like anyone else.
Single?:                                                   Nope. I love you seth <3
What is one word to describe you and why?:    Crazy. i like to do whatever, i dont care what people say about me. i like to be myself.. i have a large sense of humor.
What makes you unique?:                  i am myself. o and i can pop my belly button out.. ahah
Describe your style:                           preppy i guess. i wear anything cute <3
What is one lyric/quote to describe you?(explain if necessary and tell who said/sung it): its times were so crazy, people think were high. its times were so bored. we laugh till we cry. Thoe inside Jokes and remember whens. No matter what we will always be best friends.
What is your best feature/quailty?Worst?:   i like my stomach. <3
Why are you xo_perfection material?:          i try to be a role model, and i just like being accepted to different communities, i make new friends :D

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   <img src="" alt="Me <3" /> 
   <img src="" alt="Me <3" /> 

   <img src="" alt="Me <3" /> 

   <img src="" alt="Me <3" /> 

   <img src="" alt="Me <3" /> 

   <img src="" alt="Me <3" /> 

   <img src="" alt="Me <3" /> 

   <img src="" alt="Me <3" /> 

thats me.. :D

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